Game Experts & Game Designers

David Preti

Creative Director, CMON

David Preti (born in Milan, Italy) has been an industry professional for the last 13 years as a producer, art director, and visionary. During his tenure, he had a critical role in Rackham publishing, co-created Dust Games (The Adventurers, Dust Tactics), and founded Guillotine Games. Since working full time with CMON, David is always looking to the cutting edge of gaming, pushing forward and seeking the next big advancement. He looks to have found it with Teburu and its launch title, Zombicide Evolution – Las Vegas.

Eric M. Lang

Game Designer

Eric, the Game Director of CMON, has been designing games for the last 20 years. Games based on cool licenses such as Marvel Universe, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, The Godfather, as well as original titles such as Blood Rage, Rising Sun, Arcadia Quest, and many more. At times mistaken for a panda, he can often be found enjoying delicious street food in new home, Singapore.

Andrea Chiarvesio

Game Designer

Andrea Chiarvesio, born in Italy, has been working in the gaming field since 1998 when he worked for the Italian branch of Wizards of the Coast on Magic: The Gathering. He then worked with Upper Deck on the launch of the Italian version of the popular Yu-Gi-Oh! card game. Striking out on his own in 2006, he started doing freelance game design. His first game was Quack Cards. Later, he created Kingsburg, for which he received several prestigious awards, such as the Lucca Best of the Best award. In 2017, he joined CMON and has done design work on titles like Wacky Races: The Board Game and Munchkin Dungeon. He has many more exciting projects underway as well.

Andrea Ligabue

Art Director, PLAY - the Games Festival

Andrea Ligabue was born in Modena on July 18, 1972 . Married and father of two sons, Caterina and Francesco. Currently he works at the Game Science Research Centre at University of Modena and Reggio Emilia.

Game expert, is the Artistic Director of Play - the Games Festival since the first edition in 2007. Journalist and reviewer, he works as consultant for Centro Studi Erickson. Andrea is a member of the International Gamers Award Committee, co-founder of Play Res and professor on contract at Department of Educational and Human Science at University of Modena and Reggio Emilia. He is working with games in schools since 2010 with more than two-thousands hours of activity with students and teachers.

Tiziano Antognozzi

Event Manager Brand Games, Lucca Comics & Games

Tiziano Antognozzi was born in Pescara June 21st, 1985. He received his Ph.D in "Management & Development of CH" at the IMT School in 2016. He is currently Event Manager for the Games and Movies brands at Lucca Comics & Games.

Tiziano career combined so far strong expertise in both human studies and managerial contexts. As a former Art Historian - he has been research fellow at the Nationalmuseum of Stockholm and at the US National Capitol in Washington, DC - he's a true advocate of organizing and promoting gaming as a cultural experience.

Francesco Nepitello

Game Designer

Francesco Nepitello is a Venetian author of role-playing, board and card games. He is known in particular for its titles based on the universe of Marvel Comics, "Doctor Who", "Conan the Barbarian", "The lord of the Rings", "The Hobbit", and the writings of H.P. Lovecraft.

After 25 years he returned to work as lead developer on the first game he designed that has been released: "Lex Arcana", one of the most successful Italian RPGs of all times and that is now experiencing his second youth with a new international edition by Quality Games.

Game Scientists

Ennio Bilancini

Game Theory & Behavioral Science

Ennio Bilancini was born in Perugia on 22 March 1977. Currently he is Professor of Behavioral Economics and Game Theory at the IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca. He is the director of the Game Science Research Center and coordinator of the GAMES WIS.

He has an expertise in behavioral economics, game theory, evolution, strategic thinking and measures of welfare. He actively works for the promotion of game science, advocating the practice of measuring quantitatively the impact of gaming on humans' behaviors, skills and beliefs.

Leonardo Boncinelli

Game Theory & Behavioral Science

Leonardo Boncinelli was born in Florence on July 21, 1978. Currently, he is Associate Professor of Economics at the University of Florence.

He has an expertise in game theory, and a passionate interest in human behavior, strategic interactions, social dynamics. He truly believes that playing and gaming can be effective tools for education, learning, cognitive development and wellbeing.

Alan Mattiassi


Alan Mattiassi was born in Friuli on April 8th, 1983. He's been a Postdoctoral researcher at the University of Udine and University of Modena and Reggio Emilia. Currently, he works in several research projects on games both in academic and non-academic contexts.

He has an expertise in studying how people play games, take decisions within rules and constraints and are motivated by games structure. He's an advocate of games as tools for understanding the mind and the brain, and as applied tools for positive social impact.

Ilaria Mariani

Game Design & Games for Social Change

PhD in Design, Ilaria is Contract Professor at School of Design, and Research Fellow at Department of Design, Politecnico di Milano. She designs, investigates and lectures in complex system for communication, especially games and interactive narratives as systems for communication and social innovation, between ethics and aesthetics. Her research – theoretical and practical – mainly addresses how meaningful play experiences can activate reflection, cultural and/or social impact. Covering the fields of studies of Communication Design and Game Studies (and Game Design), and to a diverse extent Sociology and Anthropology, she researches on (physical, digital and hybrid) games and play(er) experiences. Her studies also focus on comprehending the impact of communication systems on players/users. As such she assesses the effectiveness of artefacts in transferring meanings, combining qualitative and quantitative research and employing interdisciplinary mixed methods.

Gabriele Ferri

Game Design Researcher

Gabriele Ferri is a senior researcher at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, where he coordinates the Master’s program in Digital Design. He is also tenured lecturer in Design Ethics and Design Futures. His research activity focuses on play and public spaces, and he designs systems to connect people and places through games. He created games for (in no specific order) vending machines, introverted robots, alpacas, time-travelers, and a submarine moored to the docks of Amsterdam.

Matteo Bisanti

Science Communication & Gaming

Matteo Bisanti was born in Carpi (Modena) on May the 23rd, 1982. He's been a post-doctoral fellow at University of Modena and Reggio Emilia. Currently, he is working on several research projects on games.

He is a science communicator and game designer, as well as an evolutionary biologist and enthomologist by training. His research interests spread from gaming and game research to the communication of scientific content through playful tools, with particular attention to citizen science, museums and evaluation of informal educational settings. Since 2017 he has been serving as Head of RPG at Play, Modena.


Tiziano Antognozzi, Lucca Crea, Event Manager of LC&G - brand GAMES, Game Science Research Center

Ennio Bilancini, IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca, Game Science Research Center

Matteo Bisanti, Game Science Research Center, RPG head of PLAY-the Games Festival

Leonardo Boncinelli, University of Florence, Game Science Research Center

Gabriele Ferri, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

Andrea Ligabue, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Art Director of PLAY-the Games Festival, Game Science Research Center

Ilaria Mariani, Politecnico di Milano

Alan Mattiassi, Game Science Research Center